Students will:
  1. Create a PDF version of your dissertation (If submitting your manuscript to ProQuest, please see ProQuest/UMI's Preparing Your Manuscript Guide)
  2. Download and complete the Dissertation and Thesis Submission Checklist.
  3. If depositing to KiltHub only, skip to step 5.

  4. If submitting to ProQuest/UMI, log in through the ProQuest CMU online form and create an account.  Follow the online submission process.

  5. Submit the following to your Graduate Program Coordinator*:
    1. Your electronic file (PDF).
    2. Completed Dissertation and Thesis Submission Checklist.

      *College of Engineering students should contact their graduate coordinator to discuss submission process.
The Graduate Program Coordinator will:
  1. Deposit the PDF and Checklist onto the Libraries' FTP server ( / ).
The University Libraries will:
  1. Deposit the dissertation in KiltHub under the terms indicated by the student on the Checklist.
  2. Ensure the submission to ProQuest/UMI if requested by the student on the Checklist.