DEI Book Display: Women's History Month

CMU students walk across campus. c.1945

Feature image of students walking by the Margaret Morrison building. (c.1945) Found in the Carnegie Mellon University Archives, available online via our Digital Collections.

March's Diversity Book Display's theme is Women's History Month, which is a celebration of women’s contributions to history, culture and society. It has been observed annually in March in the United States since 1987.

International Women's Day, a global celebration of the economic, political and social achievements of women, takes place on the 8th of March. When adopting its resolution on the observance of International Women’s Day, the United Nations General Assembly stated that "securing peace and social progress and the full enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms require the active participation, equality and development of women". The UN also felt it was vital "to acknowledge the contribution of women to the strengthening of international peace and security.”

A physical book display will be available at the Libraries with the selection rotating weekly. Some of the eBooks listed below also have a physical listing. Please check the availability.

Special thanks to our Materials Processing Coordinator Leah Zande for compiling the book list and Library Associate, Media Collection Lauren Calloway for the streaming video list.

Women Make Horror: Filmmaking, Feminism, Genre
Peirse, Alison (2020)

Women Make Horror: Filmmaking, Feminism, GenreThis is what you get when you are a woman working in horror, whether as a writer, academic, festival programmer, or filmmaker. These assumptions are based on decades of flawed scholarly, critical, and industrial thinking about the genre. "Women Make Horror" sets right these misconceptions. Women have always made horror. They have always been an audience for the genre, and today, as this book reveals, women academics, critics, and filmmakers alike remain committed to a film genre that offers almost unlimited opportunities for exploring and deconstructing social and cultural constructions of gender, femininity, sexuality, and the body.

"Women Make Horror" explores narrative and experimental cinema; short, anthology, and feature filmmaking; and offers case studies of North American, Latin American, European, East Asian, and Australian filmmakers, films, and festivals. With this book we can transform how we think about women filmmakers and genre. - Publisher's Description

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No Explanation Required!
Sankar, Carol (2022)

No explanation required!With only 5.8% of CEO positions in the S&P 500 held by women, it’s clear that there are more women who deserve a seat at the table than actually have one. In "No Explanation Required!," Carol Sankar gives you the strategies you need to create the success you deserve―today. As founder of the global leadership firm, The Confidence Factor for Women, her goal is to ensure you deliver decisions and other communications with confidence―no “explanations” required!

Loaded with real-life examples and backed by proprietary research, "No Explanation Required!" coaches you on how to speak up for yourself, stop debating your decisions, and eliminate “limiting” language. In example after example, it becomes clear how these too-frequent expressions (“I’m sorry,” “Excuse me,” “I’ll get back to you”) can strip you of your authority and credibility.

Instead, you’ll discover positive, practical ways to assert your confidence and master communication at work, with chapters that include “The Self Promotion Gap,” “Perception and Performance,” “What’s Like Got to Do with It?,” and “The 8-Minute Rule”―how to create 8-minute micro conversations and connections. Every chapter offers key takeaways you’ll want to put into effect immediately―and keep in mind always.

With the tactics in "No Explanation Required!" mastered, you’ll be better equipped to stop explaining and start negotiating―for gender parity, better compensation, opportunities, and so much more. - Publisher's Description

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International Perspectives on Gender and Higher Education
Fontanini, Christine; Joshi, K. M.; Paivandi, Saeed (2021)

International perspectives on gender and higher educationDespite improved access to higher education for women, the distribution of women and men varies considerably between different fields of study. The chapters in this edited collection explore the participation status of women in higher education across the varying socio-economic and sociological backgrounds observed in different countries and regions.

Diving into the differing social and state intervention policies, individual motives of participation and additional gender inequalities including regional and ethnic disparities, this book offers readers a better understanding of the drivers of gendered trends in higher education, such as the evidently low presence of women in certain scientific and technical disciplines. The analysis focuses on the social construction of gender differences, as well as the roles played by the economy, culture, religion, legal background, and the internal dynamics of society. Ultimately, this book provides a comprehensive overview of recent developments concerning the presence of women in higher education in both developed and developing countries, resulting in a clear picture of the current situation, and how the future might look. - Publisher's Description

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Indigenous Motherhood in the Academy
Minthorn, Robin Zape-tah-hol-ah; Nelson, Christine; Shotton, Heather; Lee, Tiffany; Tsinnajinnie-Paquin, Leola; Faircloth, Susan; Reyes, Nicole; Chow-Garcia, Nizhoni; Johnson-Jennings, Michelle; Johnson-Jennings, Alayah (2022)

Indigenous Motherhood in the Academy"Indigenous Motherhood in the Academy" highlights the experiences and narratives emerging from Indigenous mothers in the academy who are negotiating their roles in multiple contexts. The essays in this volume contribute to the broader higher education literature and the literature on Indigenous representation in the academy, filling a longtime gap that has excluded Indigenous women scholar voices.

This book covers diverse topics such as the journey to motherhood, lessons through motherhood, acknowledging ancestors and grandparents in one’s mothering, how historical trauma and violence plague the past, and balancing mothering through the healing process. More specific to Indigenous motherhood in the academy is how culture and place impacts mothering (specifically, if Indigenous mothers are not in their traditional homelands as they raise their children), how academia impacts mothering, how mothering impacts scholarship, and how to negotiate loss and other complexities between motherhood and one’s role in the academy. - Publisher's Description

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Hispanic Women/Latina Leaders Overcoming Barriers in Higher Education
Barron, Daisy Indira (2021)

Hispanic women / Latina leaders overcoming barriers in higher educationThough the percentage of Hispanics in universities continues to grow, few Hispanic women/Latinas advance into leadership positions; instead, many are constrained by a glass ceiling. Therefore, the voices and experiences of those that have overcome these barriers in higher education are pivotal stories to be told. Ranging from the perceptions of these women’s journeys to leadership, to an understanding of the barriers they encounter, to the question of their access to the resources they need, each factor is a critical component to understanding Hispanic women/Latinas in the higher education atmosphere. Comprehensive research in this area is needed to explore the themes of identity in terms of racial/ethic identification, social perception, and gender, along with systemic themes on the institutional level regarding the recruitment, retention, and promotion of a diverse higher education administration.

"Hispanic Women/Latina Leaders Overcoming Barriers in Higher Education" explores the recruitment, promotion, retention process, and the barriers and resilience needed for Hispanic women/Latinas in higher education leadership roles. The chapters use data collected via a qualitative, phenomenological research study including open-ended interviews, field notes, biographical questionnaires, and a researcher’s reflective journal. While covering topics surrounding these women’s experiences such as identity themes, self-identification, institutional shortcomings, and valuable support systems, this book is ideally intended for Latina educators, informing legislators, educational officials, and higher education administrators along with practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students interested in institutional equality, female empowerment, and Hispanic women/Latinas’ journey in higher education. - Publisher's Description

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College Women In The Nuclear Age: Cultural Literacy and Female Identity: 1940-1960
Faehmel, Babette (2011)

College Women In The Nuclear Age: Cultural Literacy and Female Identity : 1940-1960In the popular imagination, American women during the time between the end of World War II and the 1960s—the era of the so-called “feminine mystique”—were ultraconservative and passive. "College Women in the Nuclear Age" takes a fresh look at these women, showing them actively searching for their place in the world while engaging with the larger intellectual and political movements of the times.

Drawing from the letters and diaries of young women in the Cold War era, Babette Faehmel seeks to restore their unique voices and to chronicle their collective ambitions. She also explores the shifting roles that higher education played in establishing these hopes and dreams, making the case that the GI Bill served to diminish the ambitions of many American women even as it opened opportunities for many American men. A treasure-trove of original research, the book should stimulate scholarly discussion and captivate any reader interested in the thoughts and lives of American women. - Publisher's Description

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Justice for Trans Athletes Challenges and Struggles
Greey, Ali Durham; Lenskyj, Helen (2023)

Justice for trans athletes challenges and strugglesThe last decade has seen significant changes in global attitudes, policies and practices that impact the lives of trans people, but the world of sport has been slow to follow these initiatives.

Contributors to this book document the formidable social-cultural and legal challenges facing trans athletes, particularly girls and women, at the global, national, and local levels, in contexts ranging from school sport to international competition. They demonstrate how proponents of trans exclusion rely on flawed or inconclusive science, selectively employed to support their purported goal of ‘protecting women’s sport’. Politicians in the US, UK, and elsewhere who have shown little interest in women or in sport exploit the issue to advance broader conservative agendas, while hostile mainstream and social media coverage exacerbates the problem.

Bringing insights from sociology, philosophy, science and law, contributors present cogent analyses of these developments and explore the way forward, providing thoughtful and original recommendations for changes to policies and practices that are inclusive, innovative and democratic. - Publisher's Description

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Pacific Island Women and Contested Sporting Spaces: Staking Their Claim
Kanemasu, Yoko (2024)

Pacific Island Women and Contested Sporting Spaces: Staking Their ClaimThis book focuses on the variety of strategies developed by women athletes in the Pacific Islands to claim contested sporting spaces – in particular, rugby union, soccer, beach volleyball, recreational sports and exercise – as a prism to explore grassroots women’s engagement with heavily entrenched postcolonial (hetero)patriarchy.

Based on primary research conducted in Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu, the book investigates contested sporting spaces as sites of infrapolitics intersected primarily by gender and also by other markers of inequality, including ethnicity, sexuality, class and geopolitics. Contrary to historical and contemporary representations of Pacific Island women as victims of gender injustice, it explores how these athletes and those who support them actively carve out space for their transformative agency.

"Pacific Island Women and Contested Sporting Spaces: Staking Their Claim" focuses on a region underexamined by sport or gender studies researchers and will be of key interest to scholars and students in Gender Studies, Sport Studies, Sociology and Pacific Studies as well as sport practitioners and policymakers. - Publisher's Description

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Women and Religion in Early America,1600-1850
Westerkamp, Marilyn (2020)

Women and Religion in Early America,1600-1850: The Puritan and Evangelical TraditionsWomen in Early American Religion, 1600-1850 explores the first two centuries of America's religious history, examining the relationship between the socio-political environment, gender, politics and religion.

Drawing its background from women's religious roles and experiences in England during the Reformation, the book follows them through colonial settlement, the rise of evangelicalism, the American Revolution, and the second flowering of popular religion in the nineteenth century. Tracing the female spiritual tradition through the Puritans, Baptists and Shakers, Westerkamp argues that religious beliefs and structures were actually a strong empowering force for women. - Publisher's Description

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#UsToo: How Jewish, Muslim, and Christian Women Changed Our Communities
McGinity, Keren (2024)

#UsToo: How Jewish, Muslim, and Christian Women Changed Our Communities"#UsToo: How Jewish, Muslim, and Christian Women Changed Our Communities" examines the relationship between sexual harassment, gender, and multiple religions, highlighting the voices of women of different faiths who found their voices and used them for the betterment of their communities.

Through personal interviews and other research, this book explores the actions of American Jewish, Muslim, and Christian women who broke the silence about sexual misconduct and abuse of power by male co-religionists. Using a three-dimensional, ethnoreligious approach that examines gender, ethnicity, and religion, it addresses the relationship between religion and women's experiences and examines both historical contexts and present-day experiences of sexual misconduct within faith communities. This book will be of key interest to students within Gender Studies, History, Religion, and Sociology, clergy and lay religious leaders, and human rights advocates. - Publisher's Description

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Divergent Mind: Thriving in a World That Wasn't Designed for You
Nerenberg, Jenara (2020)

Divergent Mind: Thriving in a World That Wasn't Designed for YouAs a successful Harvard and Berkeley-educated writer, entrepreneur, and devoted mother, Jenara Nerenberg was shocked to discover that her “symptoms”--only ever labeled as anxiety-- were considered autistic and ADHD. Being a journalist, she dove into the research and uncovered neurodiversity—a framework that moves away from pathologizing “abnormal” versus “normal” brains and instead recognizes the vast diversity of our mental makeups.

When it comes to women, sensory processing differences are often overlooked, masked, or mistaken for something else entirely. Between a flawed system that focuses on diagnosing younger, male populations, and the fact that girls are conditioned from a young age to blend in and conform to gender expectations, women often don’t learn about their neurological differences until they are adults, if at all. As a result, potentially millions live with undiagnosed or misdiagnosed neurodivergences, and the misidentification leads to depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and shame. Meanwhile, we all miss out on the gifts their neurodivergent minds have to offer.

"Divergent Mind" is a long-overdue, much-needed answer for women who have a deep sense that they are “different.” Sharing real stories from women with high sensitivity, ADHD, autism, misophonia, dyslexia, SPD and more, Nerenberg explores how these brain variances present differently in women and dispels widely-held misconceptions (for example, it’s not that autistic people lack sensitivity and empathy, they have an overwhelming excess of it).

Nerenberg also offers us a path forward, describing practical changes in how we communicate, how we design our surroundings, and how we can better support divergent minds. When we allow our wide variety of brain makeups to flourish, we create a better tomorrow for us all. - Publisher's Description

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Still Living the Edges: A Disabled Women's Reader
Driedger, Diane (2020)

Still Living the Edges: A Disabled Women's ReaderThis collection brings together the diverse voices of women with various disabilities, both physical and mental. The women speak frankly about the societal barriers they encounter in their everyday lives due to social attitudes and physical and systemic inaccessibility.

They bring to light the discrimination they experience through sexism, because they are women, and through ableism, because they have disabilities. For them, the personal is definitely political. Here, Canadian women discuss their lives in the areas of employment, body image, sexuality and family life, society's attitudes, and physical, sexual and emotional abuse. While society traditionally views having a disability as "weakness" and that women are the "weaker" sex, this collection points to the strength, persistence and resilience of disabled women living the edges. - Publisher's Description

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Women Making History: The Revolutionary Feminist Postcard Art of Helaine Victoria Press
Allen, Julia; Cohen, Jocelyn (2023)

Women Making History: The Revolutionary Feminist Postcard Art of Helaine Victoria PressNourished by the cultural exuberance of second wave feminism, Helaine Victoria Press was a home-grown effort of two young women, Jocelyn Cohen and Nancy Poore, who learned how to print, established a printshop, and became the first publishers of women’s history postcards. The authors of "Women Making History" demonstrate that by creating postcards, Helaine Victoria Press aimed to do more than provide a convenient writing surface or even affect collective memory. Instead, they argue, the press generated feminist memory. The cards, each with the picture of a woman or group of women from history, were multimodal. Pictures were framed in colors and borders appropriate to the era and subject. Lengthy captions offered details about the lives of the women pictured. Unlike other memorials, the cards were mobile: they traveled through the postal system, viewed along the way by the purchasers, mail sorters, mail carriers, and recipients. Upon arriving at their destinations, cards were often posted on office bulletin boards or refrigerators at home, where surroundings shaped their meanings.

This is the first book to demonstrate the relationships between the feminist art movement, the women in print movement, and the scholars studying women’s history. Readers will be drawn to both the large quantity of illustrative materials and the theoretical framework of the book, as it provides an expanded understanding of rhetorical multimodality. - Publisher's Description

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Monstrous Women in Comics
Langsdale, Samantha; Coody, Elizabeth Rae (2020)

Monstrous Women in ComicsContributions by Novia Shih-Shan Chen, Elizabeth Rae Coody, Keri Crist-Wagner, Sara Durazo-DeMoss, Charlotte Johanne Fabricius, Ayanni C. Hanna, Christina M. Knopf, Tomoko Kuribayashi, Samantha Langsdale, Jeannie Ludlow, Marcela Murillo, Sho Ogawa, Pauline J. Reynolds, Stefanie Snider, J. Richard Stevens, Justin Wigard, Daniel F. Yezbick, and Jing Zhang

Monsters seem to be everywhere these days, in popular shows on television, in award-winning novels, and again and again in Hollywood blockbusters. They are figures that lurk in the margins and so, by contrast, help to illuminate the center―the embodiment of abnormality that summons the definition of normalcy by virtue of everything they are not.

Samantha Langsdale and Elizabeth Rae Coody’s edited volume explores the coding of woman as monstrous and how the monster as dangerously evocative of women/femininity/the female is exacerbated by the intersection of gender with sexuality, race, nationality, and disability. To analyze monstrous women is not only to examine comics, but also to witness how those constructions correspond to women’s real material experiences.

Each section takes a critical look at the cultural context surrounding varied monstrous voices: embodiment, maternity, childhood, power, and performance. Featured are essays on such comics as "Faith," "Monstress," "Bitch Planet," and "Batgirl" and such characters as Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman. This volume probes into the patriarchal contexts wherein men are assumed to be representative of the normative, universal subject, such that women frequently become monsters. - Publisher's Description

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Women of Genius in Science
Jaeger, Lars (2023)

Women of genius in science : whose frequently overlooked contributions changed the worldAlthough women participated in shaping scientific thinking from the outset, they very rarely became visible. This imbalance continues today, although there are currently more female scientists than ever before.

Lars Jaeger spans an arc from antiquity to the present day and portrays the lives and work of the most important female scientists and mathematicians in essay-like introductions. From Hypatia of Alexandria to Emmy Noether and Lisa Randall, they have all achieved great things, decisively advanced science and yet often could not step out of the shadow of their male colleagues. In addition to the exciting portraits of the individual women scientists, the book also sheds light on gender relations in science and their agonisingly slow evolution in favour of women. - Publisher's Description

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Gender in AI and Robotics
Vallverdú, Jordi (2023)

Gender in AI and robotics : the gender challenges from an interdisciplinary perspectiveWhy AI does not include gender in its agenda? The role of gender in AI, both as part of the community of agents creating such technologies, as well as part of the contents processed by such technologies is, by far, conflictive. Women have been, again, obliterated by this fundamental revolution of our century.

Highly innovative and the first step in a series of future studies in this field, this book covers several voices, topics, and perspectives that allow the reader to understand the necessity to include into the AI research agenda such points of view and also to attract more women to this field. The multi-disciplinarity of the contributors, which uses plain language to show the current situation in this field, is a fundamental aspect of the value of this book. Any reader with a genuine interest in the present and future of AI should read it. - Publisher's Description

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Geek Girls: Inequality and Opportunity in Silicon Valley
Twine, France Winddance (2022)

Geek Girls: Inequality and Opportunity in Silicon ValleyWhy is being a computer “geek” still perceived to be a masculine occupation? Why do men continue to greatly outnumber women in the high-technology industry? Since 2014, a growing number of employment discrimination lawsuits has called attention to a persistent pattern of gender discrimination in the tech world. Much has been written about the industry’s failure to adequately address gender and racial inequalities, yet rarely have we gotten an intimate look inside these companies. In "Geek Girls," France Winddance Twine provides the first book by a sociologist that “lifts the Silicon veil” to provide firsthand accounts of inequality and opportunity in the tech ecosystem. This work draws on close to a hundred interviews with male and female technology workers of diverse racial, ethnic, and educational backgrounds who are currently employed at tech firms such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and Twitter, and at various start-ups in the San Francisco Bay area. Geek Girls captures what it is like to work as a technically skilled woman in Silicon Valley.

With a sharp eye for detail and compelling testimonials from industry insiders, Twine shows how the technology industry remains rigged against women, and especially Black, Latinx, and Native American women from working class backgrounds. From recruitment and hiring practices that give priority to those with family, friends, and classmates employed in the industry, to social and educational segregation, to academic prestige hierarchies, Twine reveals how women are blocked from entering this industry. Women who do not belong to the dominant ethnic groups in the industry are denied employment opportunities, and even actively pushed out, despite their technical skills and qualifications.

While the technology firms strongly embrace the rhetoric of diversity and oppose discrimination in the workplace, Twine argues that closed social networks and routine hiring practices described by employees reinforce the status quo and reproduce inequality. The myth of meritocracy and gender stereotypes operate in tandem to produce a culture where the use of race-, color-, and power-evasive language makes it difficult for individuals to name the micro-aggressions and forms of discrimination that they experience. Twine offers concrete insights into how the technology industry can address ongoing racial and gender disparities, create more transparency and empower women from underrepresented groups, who continued to be denied opportunities. - Publisher's Description

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Women in American Operas of the 1950s
Hershberger, Monica (2023)

Women in American operas of the 1950s : undoing gendered archetypesThe first feminist analysis of some of the most performed works in the American-opera canon, emphasizing the voices and perspectives of the sopranos who brought these operas to life.

In the 1950s, composers and librettists in the United States were busy seeking to create an opera repertory that would be deeply responsive to American culture and American concerns. They did not break free, however, of the age-old paradigm so typically expressed in European opera: that is, of women as either saintly and pure or sexually corrupt, with no middle ground. As a result, in American opera of the 1950s, women risked becoming once again opera's inevitable victims.

Yet the sopranos who were tasked with portraying these paragons of virtue and their opposites did not always take them as their composers and librettists made them. Sometimes they rewrote, through their performances, the roles they had been assigned. Sometimes they used their lived experiences to invest greater authenticity in the roles.

With chapters on "The Tender Land," "Susannah," "The Ballad of Baby Doe," and "Lizzie Borden," this book analyzes some of the most performed yet understudied works in the American-opera canon. It acknowledges Catherine Clément's famous description of opera as "the undoing of women," while at the same time illuminating how singers like Beverly Sills and Phyllis Curtin worked to resist such undoing, years before the official resurgence of the American feminist movement. In short, they ended up helping to dismantle powerful gendered stereotypes that had often reigned unquestioned in opera houses until then. - Publisher's Description

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Century of Composition by Women: Music Against the Odds
Kouvaras, Linda; Grenfell, Maria; Williams, Natalie (2022)

Century of composition by women : music against the oddsThis book presents accounts of creative processes and contextual issues of current-day and early-twentieth century women composers. This collection of essays balances narratives of struggle, artistic prowess, and of "breaking through" the obstacles in the profession.

Part I: Creative Work – Then and Now illuminates historical and present-day women’s composition and various iterations and conceptions of the “feminine voice”; Part II: The State of the Industry in the Present Day provides solutions from the frontline to sector inequities; and Part III: Creating; Collaborating: Composer and Performer Reflections offers personal stories of current creation in music.

"A Century of Composition by Women: Music Against the Odds" draws together topical issues in feminist musicology over the past century. This volume provides insight into the professional and compositional procedures of creative women in music and stands to be relevant for composers, performers, industry professionals, students, and feminist and musicological scholars for many years to come. - Publisher's Description

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Louise Blanchard Bethune: Every Woman Her Own Architect
Hayes McAlonie, Kelly (2023)

Louise Blanchard Bethune: Every Woman Her Own ArchitectAs America's first professional female architect, Louise Blanchard Bethune broke barriers in a male-dominated profession that was emerging as a vital force in a rapidly growing nation during the Gilded Age. Yet, Bethune herself is an enigma. Due to scant information about her life and her firm, Bethune, Bethune & Fuchs, scholars have struggled to provide a complete picture of this trailblazer. Using a newly discovered archival source of photographs, architectural drawings, and personal documents, Kelly Hayes McAlonie paints a picture of Bethune never before seen.

Born in 1856 in Waterloo and raised in Buffalo, New York, Bethune wanted to be an architect from childhood. In fulfilling her dream, she challenged the nation to reconsider what a woman could do. A bicycle-riding advocate for coeducation, Bethune believed in women's emancipation through equal pay for equal work. This belief would be tested during the design competition for the Woman's Building for the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition, where female entrants were not paid for their work. Bethune refused to participate on principle, but nonetheless her career thrived, culminating in the most important commission of her life, Buffalo's Hotel Lafayette. A comprehensive biography of the first professional woman architect in the United States, who was also the first woman to be admitted to the American Institute of Architects, this book serves as an important addition to New York and architectural history. - Publisher's Description

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Streaming Videos

Sisters with Transistors
Rovner, Lisa - Director (2021)

Sisters with transistors"Sisters with Transistors" is the remarkable untold story of electronic music’s female pioneers, composers who embraced machines and their liberating technologies to utterly transform how we produce and listen to music today. The film maps a new history of electronic music through the visionary women whose radical experimentations with machines redefined the boundaries of music, including Clara Rockmore, Daphne Oram, Bebe Barron, Pauline Oliveros, Delia Derbyshire, Maryanne Amacher, Eliane Radigue, Suzanne Ciani, and Laurie Spiegel. - Publisher's Description

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American Experience. Zora Neale Hurston: Claiming a Space
Heather Strain, Tracy - Director (2023)

American experience. Zora Neale Hurston : claiming a spaceZora Neale Hurston has long been considered a literary giant of the Harlem Renaissance, but her anthropological and ethnographic endeavors were equally important and impactful. This is an in-depth biography of the influential author whose groundbreaking anthropological work would challenge assumptions about race, gender and cultural superiority that had long defined the field in the 19th century. - Publisher's Description

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She's Beautiful When She's Angry
Dore, Mary - Director (2023)

She's beautiful when she's angryAn essential documentary about the birth of the women's liberation movement. Beginning in the late 1960s, featuring never-seen before archival footage and new interviews, She's Beautiful When She's Angry tells the story of one of the most important social movements of the 20th century, bringing to light the efforts of lesser-known activists, including the Boston authors of Our Bodies, Ourselves, the Chicago Women's Liberation Union, and grassroots organizations across the country who played a pivotal role in the struggle. - Publisher's Description

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A Sense of Wonder: Two Interviews with Rachel Carson
Monger, Christopher - Director (2008)

A sense of wonder : two interviews with Rachel CarsonA documentary style film, which depicts Rachel Carson in the final year of her life. Struggling with cancer and in the wake of the uproar after the publication of her book "Silent Spring," she recounts with both humor and anger the attacks by the chemical industry, the government, and the press as she focuses her limited energy to get her message to Congress and the American people. - Publisher's Description

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Miss Representation
Newsom, Jennifer Siebel - Director (2015)

Miss RepresentationLike drawing back a curtain to let bright light stream in, Miss Representation uncovers a glaring reality we live with every day but fail to see. Written and directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the film exposes how mainstream media contribute to the under-representation of women in positions of power and influence in America. The film challenges the media’s limited and often disparaging portrayals of women and girls, which make it difficult for women to achieve leadership positions and for the average woman to feel powerful herself. In a society where media is the most persuasive force shaping cultural norms, the collective message that our young women and men overwhelmingly receive is that a woman’s value and power lie in her youth, beauty, and sexuality, and not in her capacity as a leader. While women have made great strides in leadership over the past few decades, the United States is still 90th in the world for women in national legislatures, women hold only 3% of clout positions in mainstream media, and 65% of women and girls have disordered eating behaviors. Stories from teenage girls and provocative interviews with politicians, journalists, entertainers, activists and academics, like Condoleezza Rice, Nancy Pelosi, Katie Couric, Rachel Maddow, Margaret Cho, Rosario Dawson and Gloria Steinem build momentum as Miss Representation accumulates startling facts and statistics that will leave the audience shaken and armed with a new perspective. - Publisher's Description

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