Biomedical Hackathon Highlighted in “”


On October 24, tech news media company highlighted the biomedical hackathon hosted by the University Libraries and cloud computing and bioinformatics company DNAnexus. The piece explores the collaborative nature of the event, which focused on creating open-source pipelines, and the way the Pittsburgh community came together to facilitate learning and networking.

At CMU Libraries’ biomedical hackathon with DNAnexus, open science and collaboration won
DNAnexus Principal Scientist Ben Busby said the goal of the annual event is for participants to learn and make professional connections.

When you think of hackathons, you might picture images of fast-paced events where only one person or one team can come out on top. This past weekend, however, from Oct. 19 to 21, a hackathon hosted by Carnegie Mellon University Libraries and California-based cloud computing and bioinformatics company DNAnexus had the goal of collaboration and connection, instead of competition.

DNAnexus Principal Scientist Ben Busby, who is based in Pittsburgh, told that similar to past events hosted by the partners, the goal of this year’s hackathon was to bring the bioinformatics and biological data science community together.

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