Open Science & Data Collaborations

Open Science & Data Collaborations

Open Science & Data Collaborations (OSDC) is a University Libraries program supporting collaborative, transparent, openly accessible, and reproducible research across all disciplines at Carnegie Mellon University. We recognize that having well documented and automated research workflows, code, and datasets is essential to making research more interdisciplinary, efficient, and reusable as well as allowing researchers to leverage data science techniques.

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This program provides services and infrastructure for open research at CMU through digital tools, training opportunities for research tools and practices, collaboration opportunities, special events and advocacy, and a team of experts available as research consultants and collaborators. Our team also engages in assessment and research related to open science.



  • Open Science Framework: manage research data and projects, share work with collaborators, and register research with this cloud-based platform
  • document and share step-by-step methods and protocols
  • LabArchives: securely record and share research notes and data in an Electronic Research Notebook
  • Redivis: store and work with datasets in the cloud, including sensitive types of data and big datasets
  • KiltHub Repository: make all of the products of your research openly available and citable with CMU’s institutional repository



  • Libraries Workshops: 1-2 hour workshops on basic concepts, skills, and tools for conducting research in an open and reproducible manner, such as coding in Python and R
  • Self-paced Workshops: You can find lesson plans of our open research and data science workshops on the Open Data Science Workshops webpage. Some of our workshops are recorded and posted on CMU Libraries YouTube Tutorials & Workshops playlist.
  • Data & Code Support: Bookable appointments for help with your code in Python and R



  • Open Science Symposium: A symposium that brings together researchers, funders, publishers, and tool developers to discuss the challenges and opportunities of open research.



  • Collaborative Bioinformatics Hackathon: Academic and industry researchers from around the world come together to rapidly prototype solutions for cutting edge problems in clinical bioinformatics and share all of the outputs openly.



  • Consultations: Contact us for consultations on a large variety of topics related to open and reproducible research including sharing data.
  • Collaborations: We’re researchers too and would be glad to be partners on your research projects to contribute to data management or open data components of the work.
  • Outreach: We’ll come to you! Get in touch if you’d like us to pay a visit to your lab, program, department, or other CMU community group.



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Manage Information & Data

Work with our specialists to evaluate, select, and implement the tools to organize your data and keep your project on track.