Library Publishing Service

Library Publishing Service

The Carnegie Mellon University Libraries Publishing Service (LPS) supports scholarly journals, online exhibitions, and other open access digital projects to promote learning, share research, and engage a wider public audience.

Open Access Journals

Our journals are published using Janeway, an open-source publishing platform. The interface is used to share content with readers, but also coordinates users across the process of manuscript submission, peer review, editing, typesetting, and publication. In addition to utilizing Janeway tutorials, support, and hosting offered through the LPS, student writers and editors can benefit from the Library's frequent workshops covering the ins-and-outs of academic publishing.

There are three journals and one reference series currently published by the LPS:


Encyclopedia of the History of ScienceEncyclopedia of the History of Science
Christopher J. Phillips (Department of History)
Peer-reviewed essay collection, indexed with the DOAJ


Negotiation and Conflict Management ResearchNegotiation and Conflict Management Research
Jimena Ramirez Marin, Brandon Taylor Charpied
Acquired from Wiley Online Library, peer-reviewed journal


Language Development ResearchLanguage Development Research
Ben Ambridge, Brian MacWhinney (Department of Psychology)
Peer-reviewed journal, indexed with the DOAJ and preserved via JASPER


MAJĀL: CMUQ's Undergraduate JournalMAJĀL: CMUQ's Undergraduate Journal
Kira Dreher (CMU-Q Department of English), Jeffrey Squires (CMU-Q Department of English)
Cross-disciplinary journal for undergraduate research


Do you have an idea for a journal or serial publication that could benefit from LPS support? Let’s set up a consultation to help you get started.


Digital Projects

The LPS employs a growing selection of platforms to publish other kinds of digital projects — online exhibitions, interactive maps, educational resources, and more. We’ve worked with software like Omeka, ArcGIS, and Wordpress, along with custom development tools. Many of the teams we’ve worked with have also drawn from the Library’s vast resources — access to repositories and TDM sources, workshops on working with data and code, large media and data hosting on KiltHub, etc.

Projects currently hosted and maintained by the LPS include:


Six Degrees of Francis BaconSix Degrees of Francis Bacon
Christopher Warren (Department of English), Daniel Shore, Jessica Otis, Scott Weingart, et al.
Visualization of social networks in early modern Britain, mining text from the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography


Mapping GandhiMapping Gandhi
Nico Slate (Department of History), Daniel J Evans, Di-ay Tesoro Battad (CMU Video Producer), Scott Weingart
Digital scholarship project on Gandhi’s relationship to Indian geography, in collaboration with the Bajaj Rural Development Lab


Traub-McCorduck CollectionTraub-McCorduck Collection
Samuel Lemley (CMU Libraries)
Virtual catalogue and online exhibit of books and objects related to the history of computing


National NeighborsNational Neighbors
Matthew Lincoln, Golan Levin (School of Art, STUDIO for Creative Inquiry), Sarah Reiff Conell, Lingdong Huang
Interactive tool for displaying near “visual neighbors” of artworks across a museum’s collection


Stephen Wittek (Department of English)
Collection of virtual reality videos, lesson plans, and other materials, creating an immersive experience of Shakespeare’s plays


The Banned Books ProjectThe Banned Books Project
Kathy M. Newman (Department of English)
Course-built directory on histories of controversy and censorship


Uniting the States with Telegraphs, 1844-1862Uniting the States with Telegraphs, 1844-1862
Edmund Russell (Department of History) and Lauren Winkler
Interactive map of the emerging telegraph system across the 19th c. United States


LPS has also contributed to the development of legacy projects now maintained by partner organizations:

Frankenstein Variorum
Elisa Beshero-Bondar, Raff Viglianti, Rikk Mulligan, Emma Slayton (CMU Libraries), et al.

The Index of Digital Humanities Conferences
Nickoal Eichmann-Kalwara, Scott B. Weingart, Matthew Lincoln, Camille Chidsey (CMU Libraries), et al.

If you’re interested in starting a digital project, or just want to hear more about the LPS’s current service offerings, contact us today.




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