Join us at the Data Collaborations Lab Open House on October 28th!

In this mini-issue of Tartan Datascapes, I’m thrilled to signal boost an upcoming open house for our Data Collaborations Lab (dataCoLAB) at CMU Libraries, which connects researchers who need help with their datasets with individuals who have data science and computer science skills! We all know that CMU is a great place to hone your data skills in unique and innovative environments, and CMU Libraries is happy to support those efforts with workshops, online educational materials, and consultation office hours. While these resources are great, we know that some folks in our community want to gain some more applied experiences around data skills and data consulting outside of the classroom, and that’s where the dataCoLAB comes in!

The dataCoLAB was created by Dr. Huajin Wang, Liaison Librarian and Co-Director of the Open Science and Data Collaborations Program at CMU, and supported by the efforts of Chloe Woida, Project Coordinator for Open Science & Data Collaborations Program, and several other CMU Libraries staff and faculty members. The 2020 cohort of collaboration pairs has produced many productive data outcomes and conversations around data science and STEM data management, and you can learn more about these data collaborations facilitated by the program in an upcoming virtual open house hosted by CMU Libraries!

You can register on LibCal to join us at this dataCoLAB virtual open house on October 28 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm to learn more about these projects, and find out about ways that you can get involved in the Data Collaborations program either as a data consultant or to request a consultant for your own data! Feel free to email us at the Open Science and Data Collaborations program if you have any questions!

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