Remarkable Women of the Mellon Institute

On the Scotty Tales blog, Project Archivist Emily Davis highlights some of the exceptional women she's learned about through her work at the Mellon Institute.

"While organizing and preserving the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research papers, I have kept my eyes peeled for women who contributed to the many scientific discoveries made at the Mellon Institute. Nearly 7 months into this project, two women have captivated my attention thus far: Lois B. Whittle and Dr. Alice G. Renfrew.

I was drawn to these women because they both had long tenures at the institute and they each contributed to the success of the Institution in different capacities—one was the Institute’s general office manager and oversaw the day to day organization of the institute, and the other was an organic chemist dedicated to fighting cancer and diseases. I have no doubt more remarkable women will reveal themselves to me as I continue to work with the collection and as I learn more about the Institute’s history, but for the time being I thought I would start by highlighting Dr. Alice G. Renfrew in what I hope will be an ongoing blog series focusing on the women who helped make Mellon Institute one of the most renowned research organizations of it’s time."

Read more on the Scotty Tales blog.


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