April 2021

This monthly installment features information on the MIT Press Open Architecture and Urban Studies Collection, access details to recent ALA CopyTalk and NISO webinars, information on the Open Access Agreement between the University of California and Elsevier, upcoming CMU Scholarly Communication workshops, and the lists of the latest publications supported by the CMU Open Access Agreements and the CMU APC Fund. Read more about SCONE. For more information about the blog, or to provide a guest post, please contact, David Scherer, Scholarly Communications and Research Curation Consultant, daschere@andrew.cmu.edu.

Scholarly Communication at CMU

MIT Press Releases Open Architecture and Urban Studies Collection
Recently shared by History and Engineering & Public Policy Liaison, Sue Collins, the MIT Press has recently announced the release of its Open Architecture and Urban Studies collection. Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, this collection of over 30 digitized classic and previously out-of-print architecture and urban studies books can be accessed from the MIT Press Direct digital book platform. More information about the collection can be found in this recent press release.

Forthcoming Scholarly Communication Workshops
The University Libraries still has a number of forthcoming workshops focused on Scholarly Communications this Spring. These workshops are offered each semester on a variety of topics, and are designed to help attendees learn a new skill, deepen their understanding of a specific topic, or gain exposure to an unfamiliar technology, tool, or technique.

All workshops are available at no charge and are open to Carnegie Mellon University students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends. Workshops will be delivered virtually, via a Zoom link emailed to participants before the session. Seating is limited and registration is required.

  1. Understanding Copyright and Preventing Plagiarism: Utilizing iThenticate Plagiarism Prevention Tool
    6:00pm - 7:00pm Thursday, April 29, 20211

For a complete list of workshops and to register online, visit library.cmu.edu/workshops. If you're not able to attend a specific workshop, but would like to learn more about the topic, please feel welcome to contact us. Librarians and subject specialists are also available to schedule additional workshops for classes, or facilitate one on one meetings.

Educopia Institute Releases Communication Cultivation - A Field Guide
In a recent press lease, the Educopia Institute announced the release of its first Communication cultivation Guide, Vision in Formation: Articulating Your Community's Purpose. First launched in 2018, Community Cultivation — A Field Guide is a resource developed in collaboration with clients, partners and affiliates of the Educopia Institute to build robust, active networks that fully embody the values and principles of their members. With this new guide, a facilitator (community manager, project director, or other convener) can guide the initial members of a new community or network to articulate and document the shared purpose of their collaboration. This guide may also be helpful for existing communities that are in transition and reconsidering their shared purpose.

Forthcoming JISC Webinar: 'Sustaining the future of key open research infrastructure services (SCOSS)'
JISC will be hosting a forthcoming webinar on the three open infrastructure services currently being promoted by the Global Sustainability for open science services (SCOSS)

  • OpenCitations
  • The Public Knowledge Project

Each of the selected infrastructures will offer their own perspectives on community-ownership and the importance of collective funding to them, how their services are relevant for UK higher education institutions and how Jisc members can concretely engage with and support these infrastructures.

  • Title: Sustaining the future of key open research infrastructure services (SCOSS)
  • Date: Tuesday 20 April 2021
  • Time: 15:00-16:00

For more information and registration – please see the Events page.

Scholarly Communication in the news

University of California Announces Open Access Agreement with Elsevier
On March 16, the University of California announced that it had reached an open access transformative agreement with Elsiever. This agreement came two years after the University of California cut ties with the academic publisher. The UC agreement ensures that articles published by UC authors will be open access by default and available to everyone in the world to access and read. Co-chair of UC's publisher negotiation team and Berkeley's University Librarian and economics professor, Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, also  elaborated on the agreement and its benefits in a recent interview with Berkley News. Summary details on the agreement, including details of the author's choice, licensing options, perpetual rights were included in a recent Scholarly Kitchen post by Brigham Young University Librarian, Rick Anderson.

NISO Webinar Recordings to "Content Presentation: Diversity of Formats" Now Available
Below are the details to access the archived recordings of the NISO webinars from March. 

March 10: 'Building Trust: Credibility of Content'

Note: The above password is case sensitive and includes all special characters

ALA CopyTalk Webinar Recording: Best Practices for Fair Use in OER
Below are the details to access the archived recordings of the ALA CopyTalk Webinar Series Presentation from March.

March 2021: 'Best Practices for Fair Use in OER'

Note: The above password is case sensitive and includes all special characters.

Now Available - Immersive Scholar: A Guidebook for Documenting and Publishing Experiential Scholarship Works 
Recently announced from the Immersive Scholar Project, Immersive Scholar: A Guidebook for Documenting and Publishing Experiential Scholarship Works, offers a model for librarians, technologists, and scholars collaborating on the production of new forms of scholarly projects, particularly those designed for large scale or immersive spaces.  More information on the guidebook and the Immersive Scholar Project can be found from their Wiki page. The book is available via POD for $8,  or as a PDF/EPUB for free.

Open Access Updates

March Elsevier Agreement Publications
The following articles were made open access through our CMU-Elsevier Agreement in March:

  1. Keith Cook, Faculty, Biomedical Engineering, 'Combination of polycarboxybetaine coating and factor XII inhibitor reduces clot formation while preserving normal tissue coagulation during extracorporeal life support,' Biomaterials
  2. Anthony Rollett, Faculty, Materials Science and Engineering, 'Solidification crack propagation and morphology dependence on processing parameters in AA6061 from ultra-high-speed x-ray visualization,' Additive Manufacturing
  3. Jonathan Cagan, Faculty, Mechanical Engineering, 'Data on the Design and Operation of Drones by Both Individuals and Teams,' Data in Brief
  4. Albert Presto, Faculty, Mechanical Engineering, 'Past, Present, and Future of Ultrafine Particle Exposures in North America," Atmospheric Environment: X
  5. Kathryn Whitehead, Faculty, Chemical Engineering, 'Oral delivery of peptide therapeutics in infants: Challenges and opportunities,' Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews
  6. Anthony Rollette, Faculty, Materials Science and Engineering, 'Physics-based and phenomenological plasticity models for thermomechanical simulation in laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing: A comprehensive numerical comparison,' Materials & Design
  7. Marcos Mazari-Armida, Grad Student, Mathematical Sciences, 'Simple-like independence relations in abstract elementary classes,' Annals of Pure and Applied Logic
  8. Nikki Lobczowski, Post Doc, Human Computer Interaction Institute, 'Socioemotional regulation strategies in a project-based learning environment,' Contemporary Educational Psychology
  9. Turner Cotterman, Grad Student, Engineering and Public Policy, 'Applying risk tolerance and socio-technical dynamics for more realistic energy transition pathways,' Applied Energy
  10. D. Nock, Faculty, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 'Wind energy's bycatch: Offshore wind deployment impacts on hydropower operation and migratory fish,' Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.

A summary of all CMU-Elsevier agreement articles supported in FY '20-'21 can be found here.

March ACM Agreement Publications
No ACM data was reported in time for the publication of this issue of SCONE. Data will be added to the issue once made available.

A summary of all CMU-ACM agreement articles supported in FY '20-'21 can be found here

March PLoS Agreement Publications
There were no articles to report during the month of March.

A summary of all CMU-PLoS agreement articles supported in FY '20-'21 can be found here.

March CMU APC Funded Articles 
The following articles were approved for funding by the CMU APC Fund in March: 

  1. Sheng Shen, Faculty, Mechanical Engineering, 'Heterogeneous Irradiated-Pristine Polyethylene Nanofiber Junction As A High-Performance Solid-State Thermal Diode,' Scientific Reports.
  2. *Saoirse Foley, Post Doc, Biological Sciences, 'Phylogenomic Analyses Reveal a Gondwanan Origin and Repeated Out of India Colonizations into Asia by Tarantuals (Araneae: Therap),' PeerJ.
  3. *Nancy Pollard, Faculty, Robotics Institute, 'Characterizing Continuous Manipulation Families for Dexterous Soft Robot Hands,' Frontiers in Robotics and AI-Soft Robotics.
  4. *Seth Wiener, Faculty, Modern Languages, 'Effects of perceptual abilities and lexical knowledge on the phonetic categorization of second language speech,' JASA Express Letters.
  5. *Rebecca Taylor, Faculty, Mechanical Engineering, 'Generating DNA origami nanostructures through shape annealing,' MDPI Applied Sciences.

* Indicates financial support for this APC provided by The Roger Sorrells Endowed Fund for the Engineering and Science Library, established by Dr. Gloriana St. Clair, dean emeritus of Carnegie Mellon University Libraries, in honor of her longtime life partner.

A summary of all CMU APC Fund articles funded in FY '20-'21 can be found here.

For more information about the blog, or to provide a guest post, please contact, David Scherer, Scholarly Communications and Research Curation Consultant, daschere@andrew.cmu.edu.