SCONE November 2020

This monthly installment features information on the upcoming CMU Open Access 2020 event on November 11th, a recent announcement of a nation-wide transformative agreement in Germany, upcoming CMU scholarly communication workshops, and the lists of the latest publications supported by Publisher Relationships and the CMU APC Fund. Read more about SCONE. For more information about the blog, or to provide a guest post, please contact, David Scherer, Scholarly Communications and Research Curation Consultant,

Scholarly Communication at CMU

Registration Now Open: CMU Open Access Week 2020 Panel Discussion
The University Libraries is excited to announce that we will be hosting an Open Access Week 2020 virtual event on Wednesday, November 11 from 10:30am to 12:00pm EST entitled, 'Open Access & the Library of the 21st Century: A Discussion of the Open Access Initiatives and Practices at Carnegie Mellon University.' 

As publishers and funders have used various methods or requirements to stimulate the adoption of open access, academic libraries have sought to alter their role in further supporting their authors and researchers. Evolving from supporting the mechanisms to OA with institutional repositories or Article Processing Charge (APC) Funds, universities like Carnegie Mellon have taken the responsibility to take direct action upon themselves through replacing the ‘Big Deal' agreement with models focused on 'read and publish' that see scholarly publishing as a single service covering both readership and publishing. As one of the world's leading universities, the University Libraries at Carnegie Mellon shifted in 2020 towards licensing agreements that would allow CMU authors publishing with Elsevier, ACM, and PLoS, to focus on publishing their works open access by default.

Our university bears the name of business titan and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, whose personal donations defined the library of the 20th century. Carnegie was driven by his desire to make knowledge and education accessible to the working class, so they would have the tools to better their own condition. 

This Open Access Week 2020 event will present a brief history of open access at CMU, followed by a lively discussion with faculty and graduate student authors supported by the recent agreements, the CMU APC Fund, and other open access initiatives and services at CMU. Panelists will discuss their individual and disciplinary insights and perspectives. The event will conclude with Dean Keith Webster presenting a brief perspective on the future of advocacy and leadership in open access at CMU, as we seek to build upon our founder's legacy and define the library of the 21st century.

Our panel will include: 

  • Iain Cruickshank, Research Scientist, Institute for Software Research
  • Kris Dahl, Professor, Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Materials Science & Engineering
  • Cole Gleason, PhD Student, Human Computer Interaction Institute
  • Molly Lewis, Special Faculty, Psychology & Social and Decision Sciences
  • Shawn Litster, Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Registration for the event is now live at We hope to see you there!

Linking Publications to Versions of Record in KiltHub
A new feature within the KiltHub Repository allows users to link their deposits to the published version of their publications. Released this month from figshare, users can now input the title and DOI URL in the ‘Resource Title' and ‘Resource DOI' metadata fields. These fields will be used to create a linked record to the published PDF of a publication which will read, 'Read the peer-reviewed publication.' Additionally, this data will be used to match the deposit record to a record of a user's publication within Elements. Here is an example record with the link in place:

Forthcoming Dimensions Workshops
There are a number of upcoming workshops being offered by Dimensions. The details for each webinar can be found below: 

Forthcoming Scholarly Communication Workshops
There are still a number of forthcoming workshops focused on Scholarly Communications. These workshops are offered each semester on a variety of topics – are designed to help attendees learn a new skill, deepen their understanding of a specific topic, or gain exposure to an unfamiliar technology, tool, or technique.

All workshops are available at no charge and are open to Carnegie Mellon University students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends. Workshops will be delivered virtually, via a Zoom link emailed to participants before the session. Seating is limited and registration is required.

  1. Understanding Copyright and Preventing Plagiarism: Utilizing iThenticate Plagiarism Prevention Tool
    7:00pm - 8:00pm Thursday, November 5, 2020

  2. An Introduction to Symplectic Elements at CMU
    7:00pm - 8:00pm Thursday, November 12, 2020

  3. Using Overleaf at CMU: The easy to use, online, collaborative LaTeX editor
    6:00pm - 7:00pm Tuesday, November 17, 2020

For a complete list of workshops and to register online, visit If you're not able to attend a specific workshop, but would like to learn more about the topic, please feel welcome to contact us. Librarians and subject specialists are also available to schedule additional workshops for classes, or facilitate one on one meetings.

Forthcoming Figshare API Webinar
At 9:00am EST on Wednesday, November 11, Figshare will be hosting a webinar demonstrating the functionality of it's API. Figshare's COO, Adi Enasoaie, will demonstrate Figshare's robust API, covering the basics of its documentation using Swagger and the possibilities when it comes to pushing and pulling content into Figshare, the applications and integrations that have been created using it, and more. If you have specific questions about how to achieve something using the API, please include it in your registration for this webinar. Register for the webinar here.

NISO Webinar Recordings to Change Management Webinar Series Now Available
Below are the details to access the archived recordings of the NISO webinars from October. 

Scholarly Communication in the news

Max Planck Digital Library Announces new transformative agreement with Springer Nature for Nature and the Nature-branded journals for institutions in Germany
Earlier this month the Max Plan Digital Library (MPDL) and Springer Nature announced a new transformative agreement for institutions in Germany. Built off of the Proekt DEAL agreement, this new published and read agreement will run for the next four years and builds a new framework for authors to opt-in to make their publications Open Access, which will make the roughly 13,000 yearly German-authored publications from Springer Nature journals freely available More information about the new agreement can be found here.

Clarke & Esposito's The Brief - Issue 28
The November issues of the Clarke & Esposito Brief (#28: A World Elsewhere) is now available. Topics covered in this month brief included:

  • The headline story being Public Library of Science's (PLoS) announcement of their Community Action Publishing plan, which includes a 'margin cap' where PLoS will limit its own profit margin to 10% after taking in direct and indirect costs. 
  • Springer Nature has again called off its IPO citing marketing conditions. 
  • Additionally with Springer Nature, the publisher has announced that their entire journal portfolio will become Plan S compliant. 
  • India pushes to create the largest one-nation one subscription open access journal plan.

The full issue can be read here. Those wishing to subscribe to The Brief can do so here. Additionally, The Brief can now be found as a Twitter Feed, the Briefer Yet.

OASPA 2020 Recordings Now Available
The Open Access and Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) has recently announced that the recordings from the 2020 OASPA Annual conference have been made available for viewing on the association's YouTube channel. Slides can be found on the conference program page.Details about next year's conference will be available in the coming months from

Open Access Updates

October Elsevier Agreement Publications
The following articles were made open access through our CMU-Elsevier Agreement in October:

  1. Joseph Tessmer, Post Doc, Materials Science and Engineering, 'Scanning transmission electron microscopy image simulations of complex dislocation structures generated by discrete dislocation dynamics,' Ultramicroscopy.
  2. Kaushik Dayal, Faculty, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 'Scanning transmission electron microscopy image simulations of complex dislocation structures generated by discrete dislocation dynamics,' Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids.

  3. Ziv Scully, Student, Computer Science, 'Optimal multiserver scheduling with unknown job sizes in heavy traffic,' Performance Evaluation.

  4. Marcos Mazari-Armida, Student, Mathematical Sciences, 'A model theoretic solution to a problem of László Fuchs,' Journal of Algebra.

  5. Anne Skaja Robinson, Faculty, Chemical Engineering, 'Nuclear translocation of the unliganded glucocorticoid receptor is influenced by membrane fluidity, but not A2AR agonism,' Steroids

  6. Benjamin Berg, Student, Computer Science, 'heSRPT: Parallel scheduling to minimize mean slowdown,' Performance Evaluation.

  7. Nicholas M. Blauch, Student, Neuroscience Institute, 'Deep learning of shared perceptual representations for familiar and unfamiliar faces: Reply to commentaries,' Cognition.

  8. Gretchen Chapman, Faculty, Social and Decision Sciences, 'Dodging dietary defaults: Choosing away from healthy nudges,' Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

  9. Byron M. Yu, Faculty, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 'Statistical methods for dissecting interactions between brain areas,' Current Opinion in Neurobiology.

  10. Ian Tice, Faculty, Mathematical Sciences, 'Dynamics and stability of sessile drops with contact points,' Journal of Differential Equations.

  11. Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, Faculty, Chemistry, 'Polymer brushes in pores by ATRP: Monte Carlo simulations,' Polymer.

  12. Alan Frieze, Faculty, Computer Science, 'Isomorphism for random k -uniform hypergraphs,' Information Processing Letters.

  13. Shawn Litster, Faculty, Mechanical Engineering, 'Studying Pt-based fuel cell electrode degradation with nanoscale X-ray computed tomography,' Journal of Power Sources

  14. Nikki G. Lobczowski, Post Doc, Human Computer Interaction Institute, 'An exploration of social regulation of learning during scientific argumentation discourse,' Contemporary Educational Psychology

  15. Heiko Topol, Faculty, CMU-Q - Mathematical Sciences, 'On collagen fiber morphoelasticity and homeostatic remodeling tone,' Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials.

A summary of all CMU-Elsevier agreement articles supported in FY '20-'21 can be found here.

October ACM Agreement Publications
There were no articles to report during the month of October.

A summary of all CMU-ACM agreement articles supported in FY '20-'21 can be found here

September PLoS Agreement Publications
The following articles were made open access through our CMU-PLoS Agreement in October:

  1. Yoed Rabin, Faculty, Mechanical Engineering, 'Thermal conductivity of cryoprotective agents loaded with nanoparticles, with application to recovery of preserved tissues and organs from cryogenic storage,' PLoS One.

A summary of all CMU-PLoS agreement articles supported in FY '20-'21 can be found here.

October CMU APC Funded Articles 
The following articles were approved for funding by the CMU APC Fund in September: 

  1. Rema Padman, Faculty, Heinz College, 'Impact of Pediatric Mobile Game Play on Healthy Eating Behavior: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial,' Journal of Medical Internet Research mHealth and uHealth.

  2. Joao Falcao, Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 'FAIM: Vision and Weight Sensing Fusion Framework for Autonomous Inventory Monitoring in Convenience Stores,' Frontiers in Built Environment-Structural Sensing.

  3. Sheng Shen, Faculty, Mechanical Engineering, 'Degenerate Quasi-Normal Mode Theory for Near-Field Radiation between Plasmonic Structures,' Optics Express.

  4. Marcel Bruchez, Faculty, Chemistry and Biological Sciences, 'Subcellular Singlet Oxygen and Cell Death: Location Matters,' Frontiers in Chemistry: Chemical Biology.

  5. Charles Ettensohn, Faculty, Biological Sciences, 'Transcription factors of the Alx family: Evolutionarily conserved regulators of deuterostome skeletogenesis,' Frontiers in Genetics.

A summary of all CMU APC Fund articles funded in FY '20-'21 can be found here.

For more information about the blog, or to provide a guest post, please contact, David Scherer, Scholarly Communications and Research Curation Consultant,