SCONE July 2020

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Scholarly Communication in the News

California Springer Nature Deal
On June 16, the University of California (UC) announced a three-year transformative open access publishing agreement with Springer-Nature that will make more of the UC research freely and immediately available to individuals and researchers across the globe. The agreement, which is the largest open access agreement in North America to date, and is the first for Springer Nature in the U.S.. Under the four-year agreement, all UC research published in more than 2,700 of Springer Nature's journals will be open access, including Nature. The dea will also provide UC students, faculty and researchers with access to over 1,000 journals to which UC did not previously subscribe. More information about the agreement can be found within the press release from the UC.

MIT Ends Negotiations with Elsevier
Announced on June 11, the MIT has ended negotiations with Elsevier for a new journals contract. Citing the MIT Framework for Publisher Contracts, Elsevier was not able to present a proposal that aligned with the principles of the framework. 'We hope to be able to resume productive negotiations if and when Elsevier is able to provide a contract that reflects our community's needs and values and advances MIT's mission,' said Chris Bourg, Director of the MIT Libraries. 'In the meantime, we will continue to use the framework to pursue new paths to achieving open access to knowledge. The groundbreaking agreement we reached with the Association for Computing Machinery in collaboration with the University of California, Carnegie Mellon University, and Iowa State University is one such example of building the business models of the future.'

A New Sherpa/Romeo
Recently announced, the current home of Sherpa/RoMEO will be decommissioned on July 31. Sherpa V2.0 is now live and can be found here. Provided by JISC as a part of the suite of Sherpa Services, Sherpa Romeo is an online resource that aggregates and analyses publisher open access policies from around the world and provides summaries of publisher copyright and open access archiving policies on a journal-by-journal basis. More information about how one can use Sherpa/RoMEO to review one's open access sharing potential can contact David Scherer or Katie Behrman.

Digital Science State of Open Data 2020 Survey
Every year Digital Science, in partnership with Figshare and Springer Nature, conducts the largest survey of its kind to discover global attitudes towards open data. Now in its fifth year, The 'State of Open Data' survey compiles the results from this survey feeding into a follow up to the ‘2019 'State of Open Data' report (all previous reports and data can be found here). This report will also include a collection of invited pieces discussing the challenges and solutions facing this aspect of the research landscape. It's now time to submit survey entries for The State of Open Data 2020. Those who wish to participate can take the survey here. By way of thanks, Digital Science will be selecting five respondents at random after the survey closes on 23rd July 2020 to win a $100 gift card each. Every respondent will have the option to sign up to be automatically sent the report on the results as soon as it becomes available.

NIH Figshare Instance Pilot to Conclude July 15
On July 15, the one year pilot between the NIH's Office of Data Science Strategy (ODSS) and Figshare to produce an NIH Figshare repository that tested specific characteristics of a generalist data repository in the NIH data ecosystem.will come to an end. Data in the NIH Figshare Instance will continue to remain publicly accessible and editable after July. New items will still be eligible to be uploaded to Figshare with a account. Final outcomes of the project will be available on the ODSS website in late July.

Scholarly Communication at CMU

New CMU-PLOS Open Access Agreement
Announced earlier this month, Carnegie Mellon University has agreed to a two-year open access agreement with the Public Library of Science (PLOS) that allows researchers to publish in PLOS' suite of journals without incurring article processing charges (APC). Under the agreement, which will be implemented in July, Carnegie Mellon will be charged an annual fixed flat rate over the two-year term, which will be based on prior years' publication levels. CMU researchers will have unlimited opportunity to publish in PLOS journals over these two years and will not be charged any APC.More information about our agreement with PLOS can be found on the University Libraries portal page for CMU Publisher Relationships. 

Updates to KiltHub
There are two new updates for KiltHub. First, users can now peruse through published content through a new search interface that provides for faceted browsing and advanced searching. The new facets include content type, date range, copyright license, item type, source, group, and categories. Katie and David will be exploring additional developments with this new feature, including the addition of CMU-based facets based on local custom medata. Additionally, Figsahre has announced that they will be sunsetting the Desktop Uploader. The desktop uploader was used for deposits to KiltHub that were between 5-20GB. A FTP service will be rolled out that will allow users to provide their content to be submitted to their profiles for upload. This new service model is being further developed and will be rolled out soon. Additional support documentation and tutorials will be provided once the service model is available. Those interested to know more about this new service can reach out to the KiltHub Repository team at

Recording of NISO Annual Members Meeting and Standards Update
On June 26, NISO hosted its Annual Members Meeting and Standards Update. This meeting presented important organizational issues to NISO, including its strategic planning process for 2020-2022, the completion of the NISO/NFAIS merger, the inaugural NISO Plus conference, a review of NISO's organizational finances, and a summary of the standards program plans for the coming year. 

Meeting Recording:

Access Password: (2020AnnlMbrs)

Note: The above password is case-sensitive and includes all special characters.

At your convenience, we kindly ask that you take a moment to complete the attendee survey.

Registration for the 7th Annual Altmetric Conference
Registration is now open for the 7th Annual Altmetric Conference. Dubbed the, '7:AM Altmetrics Conference,' this two-day annual conference is being held virtually and is free to all those that register. Now, more than ever, understanding where and why research is communicated, and how it is received amongst broader audiences, plays a critical part in the research process. Those wishing to attend can register here. A call for presentations is also open from now until July 15. More information and instructions for how to submit your proposals here

Recording of Dimensions Product Development Webinar
On Wednesday, June 24, Dimesnions hosted a product development webinar that covered recent product development, as well as upcoming developments being worked on. The list of topics discussed were:

  • Major product developments from Q2 of 2020
  • Introduction to the new Dimensions module (sneak peak)
  • Understanding Research Landscapes Using Dimensions' structured searches and analytical views
  • Preview of Dimensions upcoming application roadmap

The recording of the webinar can be found here.

Dimensions API Training
Starting this coming month, Dimensions will be offering a weekly webinar session to provide additional information about the DImensions API. Each session is a combination of 30 minutes training on a specific topic, followed by 30 minutes ‘office hour' style Q&A where Michele Pasin, Simon Porter and others are available to answer questions on how to solve use cases with the API plus provide tips and guidance as required. The webinars will start on July 02 and run through August 27. The webinars will be:

  • July 02, 'Topic Modeling Analysis using API concepts'
  • July 09, 'Building Google Sheets Dashboards'
  • July 16, 'Building a Funding Pipeline with the Dimensions API' 
  • July 23, 'Working with Dimensions API, Jupyter and Overleaf to build automated reports' 
  • July 30, 'Making the most of GRID-organizations data via the API'
  • August 06, 'Organization benchmarking with the API' 
  • August 13, 'Building an Organization's Collaboration Network Diagram' 
  • August 20, 'Exploring Domestic and International Collaboration Patterns with the Dimensions API'
  • August 27, 'Best Practices for getting researchers data from the API'

Those interested in attending the sessions can register here.  Users interested in accessing recordings or resources associated with previous sessions can find them in this Google sheet which Dimensions will keep updating as the webinars progress.

Rescheduled NISO Webinar: 'No More Big Deal? Picking and Choosing Titles for Use'
The June NISO webinar, No More Big Deal? Picking and Choosing Titles The June NISO webinar, "No More Big Deal? Picking and Choosing Titles for Use," was rescheduled to July 06, 2020 1:00pm – 2:30pm. CMU receives access to this webinar for free through our membership with the Library Standards Alliance. David will share the login credentials for this event once they become available. He will also host a watch party if anyone would like to watch and chat while it's going on.


Open Access Updates

June Elsevier Agreement Publications
There were no articles approved for Open Access publishing through our CMU-Elsevier Agreement during the month of June.

June ACM Agreement Publications
The following articles were made open access through our CMU-ACMr Agreement in June:

  1. Oscar Romero Lopez, Staff, 'A Long-Term Evaluation of Adaptive Interface Design for Mobile Transit Information Submission' MobileHCI '20: 22nd International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services Proceedings

June CMU APC Funded Articles 
The following articles were approved for funding in June 2020: 

  1. Ann Robinson, Faculty, Chemical Engineering, 'Functional expression of adenosine A3 receptor in yeast utilizing a  chimera with the A2AR C-terminus,' International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Summary of FY '19-'20 CMU APC Fund Articles
A Summary of all articles funded by the CMU APC Fund in FY '19-'20 can be found here