Who is eligible for the open access publishing option? 
Any CMU corresponding author on an Elsevier journal article submitted after January 01, 2020.

Will I continue to have access to the Elsevier journals I read?
Our access to the journal collections published on Elsevier’s Science Direct has been renewed for a four year period.  Through this, we offer access to 3500 journal titles.

Why does CMU encourage its researchers to publish their work open access?
If you publish your paper Open Access, you retain your rights as an author, your work is immediately accessible to anyone, and you have more control over how your paper is published and re-used. We encourage authors to choose a Creative Commons license. 

How will my article be open access?
Because this is a first of its kind deal, the workflows are still being finalized. The best way to stay informed is to check this page for updates or contact your liaison librarian.

How does this new agreement affect the existing open access funding available through the Libraries' Article Processing Charge (APC) fund?
If a CMU author is the corresponding author on an article in an Elsevier journal, they will be eligible for the open access default publishing option so the APC fund is not needed. If you are not a corresponding author on an article in an Elsevier journal, the Libraries' APC fund may be used to pay some of the open access publishing fees. To see APC eligibility requirements and get more information, visit this site. Note: The Libraries pays the publisher directly upon receipt of an approved application for funding and the publisher’s invoice. We do not reimburse authors or departments for paid invoices.
How will this new agreement provide flexibility to accommodate all CMU authors, whether they want to publish open access or not?
The agreement provides the option for CMU corresponding authors to publish their articles open access. Authors who do not want to publish open access may opt out and publish their articles as subscription-only behind the journal’s paywall, as they do now. 
How does this new agreement affect me serving as a reviewer or editor for Elsevier journals?
Your ability to choose which journals to review and edit will not be affected.
Will this new agreement affect access to Elsevier books and software tools such as Mendeley? 
This agreement is specifically about Elsevier journals. Books and software tools are not part of this agreement and will not be affected.
Can I continue to publish in the journal of my choice once the new agreement is in effect?

Your ability to choose where to publish your research will not be affected. Authors may continue to publish in and support any journal of their choice.