The Posner Memorial Collection includes more than 1,000 volumes of great books that document ideas that have shaped the world. Starting with literature and decorative books arts, Henry Posner Sr. collected from 1924 to 1973. After 1950, he focused on the history of science. Mr. and Mrs. Posner also collected small objets d’art in glass, ivory, jade and other minerals from Asia and Europe.

Henry Posner Sr. attended Carnegie Tech, now part of Carnegie Mellon University, early in the twentieth century. Henry Posner Jr. and Helen Posner chose Carnegie Mellon University to receive the family collection in 1978. The family has supported with an additional grant the full text digitization of the collection by the University Libraries, making nearly all of it available to students and scholars worldwide on the Internet.

In 2004, the Posner Center was given to the university by Emeritus Life Trustee Henry Posner Jr. and Helen Posner in memory of his parents, Henry Posner Sr. and Ida Posner. Posner Center houses the Posner Memorial Collection and provides a forum for exhibits and events based on the collection. The building also features a state of the art boardroom and is the primary meeting venue for the university’s Board of Trustees.

Please visit the Posner Center website to learn more and see information about current exhibits.