The American Journal of Science is the oldest scientific journal published continuously in the United States. Started in 1818 as a general review of advances in the arts and sciences, AJS now deals strictly with geology and other earth sciences.
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Carnegie Alumnus (1914-1982)
The Carnegie Alumnus, (known by several different titles over time) is a publication written to keep alumni of Carnegie Mellon University up to date on events related to the school. The first issue was published in 1914. The last issue was published in 1982 when it became the Carnegie Mellon Magazine.
This collection is composed of material created and published by Carnegie Mellon Students. It includes humour magazines, literary reviews, newsletters, and magazines published by student interest groups. It does not include the Tartan, the Thistle, or the Carnegie Technical. The collection is arranged alphabetically by publication title, and chronologically thereunder. There are currently 28 titles represented in the collection. The majority of the collection is made up of humor and literary magazine. Humor Magzines: The Puppett, The Scottie/Scot/Great Scot, readme, The Weekly Slant. Literary Magazines: An Fhine Againne, Cano, Carnegie Bard, Dossier, Form, The Oakland Review, Patterns, Three Rivers, Two Hands
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Charette (1920-1974)
Charette (vols. 1-54, 1920-1974) was the journal of the Pittsburgh Architectural Club; and was later co-sponsored by the Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and the Pennsylvania Society of Architects. Over the years, its coverage of architecture extended beyond Pittsburgh to the whole of Pennsylvania, and the Tri-State area of Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, and West Virginia.
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Faculty Bulletin (1916-1971)
What happens at a University besides classes? What do faculty do beyond teaching? The Faculty Bulletin of The Carnegie Technical Institute helps answer these questions by outlining, on a week by week basis, what various faculty were doing both professionally and personally. The Faculty Bulletins provide snapshots of the lectures, classes, research, programs, clubs, demonstrations, parties and policies of any given moment in the early and mid history of Carnegie Mellon University.
The Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project is composed of The Jewish Criterion (1895-1962), The American Jewish Outlook (1934-1962), and The Jewish Chronicle (1962-Present). This project serves as both an online reference source and as a digitized historical documentation of the Jewish community of Pittsburgh and its outlying areas.
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The School of Music Records contain programs, departmental files, and audio materials from 1906-2015. The content of this collection documents the success of Carnegie Mellon's historic music program and contains information about key events, faculty, and administrators. Concert and recital programs make up the majority of the collection. Other materials include descriptive brochures for graduate programs and documentation on various choirs and symposiums. The collection is comprised of three series: Programs, Department Files, and Media.
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