Orchestra Folders


The School of Music purchases orchestral music for Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic performances. The music librarian then catalogs the music to make it searchable in the library catalog and stores it in folders behind the fourth floor Arts Desk in Hunt Library. Only Carnegie Mellon University School of Music faculty are permitted to checkout orchestra folders in their entirety with a valid CMU ID card. Students may copy an individual part for an audition by bringing their CMU ID card to the Arts Desk and leaving it with the person on duty while they make the copy. The ID card is returned to the student when the part is returned to the Arts Desk.

Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic orchestra librarians are responsible for ensuring all scores and parts are collected after performances and are returned to library folders in proper order. The University Libraries staff does not keep track of missing parts or tidy up messy folders.

  • Search the library catalog to see if the library has the music you need. You can limit the material type to Orchestra Folder in an Advanced Search or limit the material type in the left column after an Everything or Books & More search.
  • E-mail the Music Librarian, Kristin Heath, with a list of orchestra folders you would like to check out. Kristin will pull the folders, check them out to your account, and let you know when they are ready to be picked up at the Arts Desk.
  • Return all folders to the Arts Desk.