Request digital audio reserves

Digital audio reserves allow faculty to provide their students 24/7 access to course listening. By providing links to streaming RealAudio files through Blackboard, students will be able to hear digital recordings of assigned works anytime. As long as students have a computer and internet access, they can listen from anywhere. The music is copyright protected, so users are able to listen to it via streaming technology but cannot download it. Access is restricted by Carnegie Mellon IP address. Users will need to install RealPlayer and AnyConnect on their machines in order to listen to music.


Digital audio reserves is a streaming-only service made available for CMU courses requiring library audio reserves.

Only CMU faculty, staff, and students will have access to digital audio reserves both on and off campus. Access is provided through Blackboard using IP authentication. URL links to RealAudio playlists will be provided by the library to be inserted into Blackboard by the course instructor or proxy if adequate recordings are not found in Classical Music Library, Naxos Music Library, or Naxos Music Library Jazz.

All material placed on digital audio reserve must be owned by the University Libraries or owned by the course instructor. If the University Libraries does not own a recording the instructor would like to use, every effort will be made to purchase the recording. The instructor’s recording will only be used until the library copy arrives or if a comparable commercial recording is unavailable for purchase.

The University Libraries will not digitize commercially sold anthologies such as Norton in their entirety. Several music anthologies are available through Classical Music Library.

The University Libraries will digitize non-commercial compact disc compilations owned by an instructor that include complete track listing, artist, title, and source. However, data discs submitted in mp3 format are preferred. At the request of the instructor, a provided hard-copy of the original will also be placed on reserve so that students may listen in the library in the event of technical problems with the streaming digital audio reserves. Please allow extra time for processing personal compilations.

Digital audio reserves may only be created for works being taught in the course.

Access to digital audio reserves will be removed at the completion of the course.