Funder identifiers

Authors typically acknowledge the funding sources for their research, but mining publication data for funding sources is difficult because the acknowledgements are not uniformly presented.  Standardizing funding source information and including it in bibliographic metadata solves this problem. 

FundRef identifiers uniquely and persistently pinpoint funding sources.  Integrated into bibliographic metadata, FundRef identifiers facilitate assessment and accountability.  FundRef data are freely available through CrossRef search services (e.g., FundRef Search and CrossRef Metadata Search) and application programming interfaces (APIs).

Use of FundRef

The FundRef service enables CrossRef member publishers to create, submit, and display standard funder names and grant numbers.  As of March 2014, the FundRef Registry includes a standardized vocabulary for 4,000 international funding bodies, including unique identifiers, abbreviations, and alternate names.  Use of the vocabulary is free.  Publishers are using it to reconcile funder names in backfile content and incorporating it into the manuscript submission process.  Authors choose a funder from the list and enter the grant number upon submission.