US Copyright Law

U.S. Copyright Office
Library of Congress.

Copyright and Intellectual Property
Association of Research Libraries (ARL).

Copyright Basics
U.S. Copyright Office.

Copyright Navigator
Annotated concept map of the fundamentals of U.S. Copyright Law created by Lionel S. Sobel, Southwestern University School of Law.

Can I Use It?
Copyright decisions map, University of Minnesota.

Fundamentals of Copyright
Series of 15-minute podcasts, Copyright Advisory Office, Columbia University Libraries.

Introduction to Copyright Law 
MIT open online course on copyright.

Duration of Copyright
U.S. Copyright Office

Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States
Table by Peter Hirtle, Senior Policy Advisor, Cornell University.

Copyright Slider Tool
Tool to determine copyright status and term, by Michael Brewer, Copyright Advisory Committee, American Library Association Office for Information Technology Policy.

Stanford University’s Copyright Renewal Database
Searchable database of copyright renewal records for works published 1923-1963.

Catalog of Copyright Entries 1891 through 1977
Digital copies of copyright registration records.

Introduction to Copyright Law taught by Keith Winstein in January 2005. Hosted on MIT OpenCourseWare.

Lecture 1
An introduction, basics of legal research and legal citations

Lecture 2
LexisNexis & the 1976 Copyright Act

Lecture 3
Copyright applied to Music, Computers; Napster®; Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

Lecture 4
Software licensing; DVDs and encryption


Copyright: Forever Less One Day (2011) – 6:27 minutes
A brief history of copyright law by C.G.P. Grey.

A Fair(y) Use Tale – 10:13 minutes
Disney parody explanation of copyright law and fair use by Eric Faden.

The Numbers behind the Copyright Math (2012) – 5:11 minutes
by Rob Reid, comic author and entrepreneur.

Will Copyright Be Saved? (2010) – 12:40 minutes
Mathias Klang, University of Göteborg and University of Borås, talks about copyright issues and Creative Commons licenses.

Free Culture – 53:09 minutes
Constitutional lawyer and political activist Lawrence Lessig’s last lecture on free culture. (2008)

Fan Art Law at Comic-Con (2012) – 54:46 minutes
by Josh Wattles, copyright expert and professor at Loyola, Southwestern and the University of Southern California law schools.