Copyright @ CMU

Intellectual Property Policy
Describes who owns what intellectual property created at Carnegie Mellon University.

Fair Use Policy
Describes legal limitations and exceptions to the copyright owner’s exclusive rights, most notably fair use. The Appendix provides guidance on conducting a fair use analysis to determine if a proposed use qualifies as a fair use.

Guidelines on Author Rights and Preservation
Carnegie Mellon's position on copyright owners understanding their copyrights and managing their copyrights effectively.

Computing Policy
Campus affiliates should be aware that a Computing Policy and numerous guidelines govern the use of computing resources on campus.

File Sharing and Digital Copyright
Information from the Information Security Office (ISO) about Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing, digital copyrights, and takedown notices.

Digital Copyright and DMCA Takedown Notices
Information from the Information Security Office (ISO) specifically addressing DMCA takedown notices.

Copyright Violation Guidelines
Guidelines that apply to all campus affiliates. This includes students, faculty and staff members as well as guest account holders.

CMU Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation
CTTEC assists researchers with moving their ideas from the university to the marketplace

CMU Office of Research Integrity and Compliance
The Office of Research Integrity and Compliance offers a number of helpful resources on research ethics and responsible conduct of research. This is also the home of the CMU Institutional Review Board

CMU Office of Sponsored Programs
The Office of Sponsored Programs negotiates intellectual property provisions in sponsored awards made to CMU