How A Music Professor Enhanced Her Course by Collaborating with a Librarian

Quote from Alexa Woloshyn

When Assistant Professor of Musicology Alexa Woloshyn needed to implement a major revision of her Music History III course that is required for all undergraduate music majors, she called on the services of Music Librarian Kristin Heath. During the revision phase, Woloshyn consulted with Heath about required class resources and new assignments and how the Libraries could support them.

Happy National Coming Out Day!

National Coming Out Day Logo

National Coming Out Day was established on Oct. 11, 1988, to commemorate the National Gay & Lesbian March on Washington one year earlier. As I recall, that march was more like a street party for the simple fact that we filled the streets of Washington, DC so that walking anywhere was impossible. We celebrated as strong, vibrant survivors, and the excitement stayed with us as we returned home to continue the fight for rights and recognition.

Ask An Archivist: A Behind the Scenes Look at the University Archives

Shelves of archival boxes

Every October, archives around the country celebrate American Archives Month and Ask an Archivist Day to raise the public’s awareness of our profession and the collections we care for. This October we are excited to share a new exhibit with you, What We Don’t Have: Confronting the Absences of Diversity in the University Archives.

Libraries Use Computer Vision to Explore Archival Photo Collection

CAMPI CFA search results

An internal web application built by Libraries faculty and staff leverages computer vision to improve the discoverability of archival photos by allowing archivists to quickly find groups of images depicting similar subjects and add descriptive metadata tags in bulk.

Computer-Aided Metadata generation for Photo archives Initiative (CAMPI), was inspired by a request from the CMU Marketing and Communications team, which regularly works with the University Archives to source images for online and print materials. 

SCONE October 2020

Information and updates supporting the creation, dissemination, use, and preservation of the research data, creative works, and other scholarly outputs that weave together the fabric of your research. Read more about SCONE. For more information about the blog, or to provide a guest post, please contact, David Scherer, Scholarly Communications and Research Curation Consultant,

A Conversation with: Hannah Gunderman

Hannah Gunderman
What is Inclusive RDM?

To answer this, I’ll first define research data management (RDM), which is the process of organizing, cleaning, storing, and sharing data produced, collected, or obtained during a research project in any discipline. Inclusive RDM refers to research data management education, outreach, and support in academic libraries that is approached from a place of compassionate, empathic language.

“There’s a Place Where Everyone Can be Happy”: Code4Lib 2020 in Pittsburgh

Image description: a laptop computer is sitting open on a white table with code on the screen.

Each day in my role here at CMU Libraries, I’m steeped in everything data. I really enjoy getting to teach other people data skills while also honing my own skills in the process! However, it hasn’t always been easy. In fact, for a long time, I’ve always found it quite intimidating to learn new data and technology skills. Part of that intimidation was never feeling like I fit in with data science and technologist communities.

How a Tepper Professor Revised His DMP for Successful NSF Grant

“Ryan Splenda and Hannah Gunderman provided essential help developing our Data Management plan. They were amazingly responsive and helpful and we would not have been able to complete our data management plan for the proposal without their assistance.”  -Ariel Zetlin-Jones Associate Professor of Economics Tepper School of Business

Tepper School of Business Associate Professor of Economics Ariel Zetlin-Jones was thrilled to hear that the National Science Foundation (NSF) was recommending an award for an economics proposal that he and a co-author had submitted earlier in the year. However, before awarding the grant, the NSF requested a revised data management plan (DMP).

Lobsters and Crème Brûlée French Toast: Data Management Plans in DMPTool

A plate of french toast covered in blueberries, alongside a mug of coffee.

Full-disclosure to my readers: I am writing this post in the midst of a multi-day migraine, but I’ve got a cup of oolong tea with a healthy dose of caffeine and I’m excited to be sitting down to write to you all about something that I really love: data management plans (hereafter DMPs). Yeah, okay - at first glace you might read that and say, "Really? You love DMPs?" But hear me out!


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