Sure, you’ve heard of the current bestsellers, but what about books from previous years that you never had a chance to read? Rediscover some great titles you may have missed.

A Gathering of Elegant Information

A Gathering of Elegant Information

Sex Talks to Girls: a Memoir by Maureen Seaton (Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press, 2008).  Reviewed by Jan Hardy.

I expected Seaton’s memoir to be about her work as a health-care advisor or nurse, but the title is from a 1914 advice book, used just for humor. Given that Seaton dedicates her book to her two daughters, and that she writes of her sexual experiences, I’ll grant her the slightly misleading title.

When They Call You a Terrorist

When They Call You a Terroist

With the killing of unarmed African American men and women in the news so often, it seems the hashtag and movement of Black Lives Matter just evolved. This memoir shows us the events in the life of Patrisse Khan-Cullors that inspired her, along with Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi, to take action, organize and protest the killings.

The Boy on the Beach

Book Cover for The Boy on the beach


The heartbreaking photo is seared into our consciousness: the little boy face down on the sand. At first glance we want to believe he’s sleeping peacefully; then we realize he’s been drowned in his family’s desperate attempt to escape from Syria. Tima Kurdi, the little boy’s aunt, bravely takes us through each agonizing turn until we understand why her brother Abdullah took his wife and their two boys on this dangerous journey.


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