New Blog Channel: Tartan Datascapes

Our newest blog Tartan Datascapes is now live! 

Created and written by Research Data Management Consultant Dr. Hanna Gunderman, this blog will focus on the landscape of research data management support across CMU Libraries and include specific interviews with faculty, staff and students on campus.

"Why did I start Tartan Datascapes? Too often, I see research data management conversations aimed solely at those working with quantitative data. With Tartan Datascapes, I hope to shine a light on all of the different types of data present on our campus, from photographs, to numerical data sets, to sheet music, to recorded field observations, to hand-written scribbles on a notepad, and everything in between. I’ll highlight the folks on campus engaging with these different types of research data, and provide specific tips to readers for managing similar data types."

A new installment of the blog will appear biweekly on Fridays, with the first official post on September 13. 

Read more on the Tartan Datascapes blog. 


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