In our new Information Environment blog, we talk to Video Collection Manager Jeff Hinkelman about the Libraries' Film & Video Collection, his work as Faculty Co-Advisor and Instructor for the Film and Visual Media Studies Minor, and his role in the creation of the newly formed Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Studies (BAFVM) being offered this fall. Jeff also shares his views on the importance of visual media literacy in education.

“For me, visual media is extremely important,” Hinkleman said.  “We all carry devices in our pockets and we all receive information via a visual medium of some kind. It is how people communicate. It’s embedded in everything that we do as a university. We are constantly processing it, so we don’t think about how visual media influences us or how it works.  Yet this is the way most of us get our notions of our political ideas, how history works and our ideas of what’s appropriate or inappropriate culturally. It affects every aspect of our lives. So to me, one of the main goals of having a major is to encourage others to think about visual media and not only what it does for us but to us, and to be more aware of visual literacy in general.”

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