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The Libraries provide access to millions of journal articles. While you can access this content through our website and catalog, you probably encounter research articles more often while browsing the web, or through sources like Google Scholar, Wikipedia and PubMed. The Libraries' subscription content can be accessed from the our website, but that may require searches of the catalog and multiple clicks to find what you need.

COVID-19 Makes Open Science More Relevant than Ever

As researchers from across multiple disciplines grapple with the challenges of COVID-19, the open science movement and its themes of sharing well-curated, reusable data and conducting research collaboratively and transparently appear more relevant than ever. Advocates argue that open science can accelerate discovery, enable rapid and robust peer-review, and enhance the public impact of research. 

Record of Robotics at CMU Online Event

Record of Robotics at CMU Part I: A Conversation with Red Whittaker and Chris Urmson
August 4, 2020.
4:00 PM EDT
Join the School of Computer Science and University Libraries as we take a look at the history of robotics and autonomous vehicles through the eyes of Founders University Research Professor Red Whittaker and his former student, Chris Urmson, co-founder and CEO of Aurora.
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