Your phone is dead but you left your charger at home. What do you do? Oomf it! The library now offers Oomf device chargers at various locations in Hunt Library. Visit to activate it using the code on the back, and charge your mobile devices for free for the next 24 hours.


  1. Pick up an Oomf from any power station.
  2. Visit and enter the 4-letter code on the back of the device. You will also need to enter your credit card info but you won’t be charged unless you keep the Oomf longer than 24 hours.
  3. Stay within 5’ of the station and don’t plug in until activation has completed. This should just be a few seconds.
  4. Take the Oomf with you to charge your devices.
  5. Return the Oomf to any power station, the light turns blue when it’s correctly stacked.
  6. Make sure to return within 24-hours to avoid a late charge of $5/day.

You can find the Oomf chargers on floors 1 – 4 at Hunt library.

  • Floor 1 - near circulation desk and staplers view map
  • Floor 2 - near iPad kiosk and 3 hole punch view map
  • Floor 3 - near stairwell and water fountain view map
  • Floor 4 - near stairwell and iPad kiosk view map

Not at all. Sign in with any email or your Facebook account.

No, return it to any of the Oomf power stations in Hunt.

Returning an Oomf after 24 hours will cost $5/day ($100 max). Reminders will be sent via email or text message so hopefully that won’t be an issue.

An Oomf charges as fast as a wall outlet.

Oomf charges all micro-USB and Apple Lightning® smart devices. This includes Android devices and iPhones.