CMU Libraries Excellence Awards Program

Taking the time to nominate a person or team is one of the best ways to recognize superior performance and to thank the individuals or teams whose work you value most. Nominations for Excellence Awards may be submitted by any member of the Carnegie Mellon University community, helping to ensure that all who most deserve special recognition are publicly acknowledged.

The annual Excellence Awards recognizes library employees for exceptional performance in any of five areas:

  • Citizenship (individual): Contribute to key library concerns through exemplary citizenship in support of the mission of the Libraries.
  • Customer Satisfaction (individual or team): Advance the Libraries’ vision, mission, and values by improving customer service; e.g. through exceptional communications, cooperation, or collaboration.
  • Innovation (individual or team): Improve library service; e.g. by changing procedures or policies, completing a significant project, or launching a new initiative.
  • Outreach (individual or team): Forward the instructional and research mission of the library; e.g. by providing reference or instruction, improving access to information resources, or conducting research that advances knowledge or provides data for decision making.
  • Productivity (individual or team): Increase efficiency; e.g. by improving a work process, containing or reducing costs, increasing resources or revenues, eliminating wastefulness, or reducing errors.
  • Cash Prize (cash prizes are taxable)
    • Individuals: $500
    • Teams: $2,000 divided equally among team members, not to exceed $500 each
  • Framed certificate signed by the Dean
  • Announcement to the university community
  • Nominee must have completed at least one year of employment in the Libraries; winner must be employed in the Libraries when the award is presented.
  • An employee who has received an Excellence award within the last three years is ineligible for nomination except as member of a team.
  • Members of the current Awards Committee and Dean and Associate Dean are ineligible for Excellence awards.
Previous Winners (Not Eligible in 2018)
  • 2017: Ryan Splenda, Chris Kellen, Terry Hurlbert, Gloria Henning, Dawn Caldwell, David Scherer, SAGE Team (Jill Chisnell, Terrence Chiusano, Julia Corrin, Rikk Mulligan, Ana Van Gulick, Ole Villadsen), Ann Marie Mesco
  • 2016: Charlotte Trexler, Julia Corrin, Access Services Team (Chris Cramer, Lorri-Keeling Oliver, Arnette Loggins, Andrew Marshall, Andy Perlman, Barry Schles)
  • 2015: Jillian Chisnell, Teresa MacGregor, Jon McIntire, Angelina Spotts, Brian Woolstrum